by - August 10, 2018

I'm going to be doing a few of posts surrounding our time in Mauritius (the flight, where we stayed, things to do etc), so I thought I'd kick it off with my experience in travelling there.

We booked our honeymoon through Virgin Holidays and this was the first time we had ever booked through them.. (because let's be honest they're a little bit on the expensive side!) We found looking online, there were a lot of discounts available. You could get certain percentages off overall cost, cost of the bride, set amounts off.. you get the idea. We booked in person, as there was no option to go ahead with the discounts online. We didn't actually get that much off at all, but every hotel offers different things so it's worth reading the small print on what you can get.

We flew with Emirates (again, also our first time flying with them), with a flight from Manchester to Dubai, then Dubai to Mauritius. Now Peter is the type of person who can fall asleep right after take off (I wish I was joking, but he has legitimately accomplished this, bit jealous) so I thought I might be bored throughout the flight.. thankfully not the case. It goes SO much quicker than you think.

It took us around 18 hours travel time overall, including layover and transfer time. The first flight was 8 hours to Dubai (can we talk about how gorgeous Dubai Airport is?! There was a colour changing waterfall.. just saying), followed by a 7.5 hour flight to Mauritius.

When you're doing an overnight flight, the time difference throws you a little when you arrive in Dubai, even though it's only 3 hours ahead. So one minute it was 2am and then suddenly 5am. From there the time zone stays the same though, as Mauritius is also 3 hours ahead. I definitely slept around a grand total of 2 hours over a 24 hour period (and surprisingly was still pretty wide awake), Peter on the other hand, he had all the sleep in the world (and was still tired haha).

The process of catching our next flight was pretty quick, straight off the plane and in to the terminal. Gave us chance to get a quick bite to eat. It's so interesting seeing so many people on their travels, all in their own different timezones and therefor some are having breakfast, some are eating dinner. (To be fair, it did feel strange having breakfast at 5:30am when your body is on a 2am timezone. But then it also feels strange seeing people eat chicken at noodles at 5:30am haha!) After that, the next flight consisted of more films, food, drink and books.

Emirates are a dream to fly with, you certainly won't go hungry or thirsty and there are a ton of actually decent films to watch. Thought I was being dead cheeky asking for a top up of my drink but nope the lady was like, of course! You’re also provided with headphones, a cushion and a blanket (I spent the entire flight in my blanket, not even kidding.) This post definitely isn't in collaboration with Emirates or Virgin Holidays (i wish), I just genuinely would recommend!

In a nutshell, make sure you have lots of music, books and whatever keeps you entertained. We even brought our Nintendo Switch with us which called for some Mario Kart sessions 'cause why not.

Who is the best airline you have travelled with?!

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