by - December 17, 2017

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There are so many good Christmas films out there so I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you... the ones I consider to be under-rated and deserve some more loving'!

1. To Grandmother's House We Go
Oh my gosh. This film is one of the cutest. It's an old one featuring the Olsen twins. I used to love Mary-Kate & Ashley (okay I still do), and this is one of their earlier films. It follows them as they adventure off to find their grandmother's house in time for Christmas. (Did I mention it's really cute Please watch it.)

2. Christmas With The Kranks
The concept with this one, is that a married couple decide to skip Christmas. However, their plans are thrown out the water when they're daughter says she's coming home for Christmas... with her new fiancé. There's a few curveballs and all the neighbours come together to make it happen. It's a good watch! (There's also a really lovely moment for the elderly couple across the road towards the end of the film.)

3. Jack Frost
*Gulps*.. now it's been a very long time since I watched this. But I do warn you, it's a sad one. It really hits you in the feels and tugs on those heart strings. Despite this, it's a very heartwarming and moving film. A little boys father dies in a car accident, yet he's given one final chance to put things right. Just one last time. (I also want to note this is the 1998 version featuring Michael Keaton. The other version is weird and the snowman kills everyone - don't watch that one.)

4. Four Christmases 
This one has everything. The romance, the drama and the comedy factor. I'd say this one is big on the comedy front. A young couple come from two sets of divorced parents, and on Christmas, they have four different trips to make. It's full of family drama on Christmas Day!

5. Surviving Christmas
This is another romance filled with comedy. It features Ben Affleck playing the lead, and his character pays a family to spend Christmas with him. This is the same "family" he introduces to his girlfriend. (What could go wrong?) Definitely a fun, light-hearted romcom.

What's your favourite Christmas film?

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