by - December 22, 2017

There's just something about this time of year. As soon as we enter September, it seems the countdown to December begins. Everything is so much more magical in December. 

The world lights up. We bring tree's in to our living rooms, decorate them in swirls of lights and masses of baubles. We eat mince pies and have baileys in our hot chocolates. Your favourite bobble hat makes its yearly appearance, yet the matching gloves you bought seem to have been misplaced. 

The noise surrounding you is like a constant loop of All I Want For Christmas Is You, and the rest of the festive favourite tracks are dug out. Around November time, I'm always so keen to get the Christmas music going. There's just something so uplifting and joyous about it.

If you're extra lucky, snow will fall. And if you're somehow even luckier than that, it will stick, and that plain old road you live on becomes something so white and magical. Snowmen are made, some perfectly formed, and some a little wonky. 

Fire's are lit, and Christmas films are watched. Is there anything better than Christmas films? The Grinch. The Holiday. Love Actually. The Polar Express. Elf. Christmas With The Kranks.. just some of the many wonderful films.

And for my favourite part,

Families and friends come together. Maybe from across the road, across the country, or across the world. It's a time to share with your favourite people. To show them just how much you value them, showering them in love and laughter. Wether that's watching your partner open their gifts from you. Seeing grandparents dance in their seat to the music. Your Dad rocking the famous Christmas apron as he preps the Turkey. Whoever it is you're spending Christmas with.. make every year the best one yet. 

Fun fact: I'm writing this blog post in bed, with our Christmas bedding on, whilst watching the Grinch. (Did I mention I love Christmas?) 

What do you love about Christmas?

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