by - August 19, 2017

I'm going to admit, I am the absolute most laziest person when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. I am SO bad and it's something I really should do more often. I find it a chore, and put it off for as long as I can. The lovely people at Technic Cosmetics sent me their new brush cleaner to test out, and as I'm typing this, I just finished trying it out.

So, lets talk about the product..

Grab your brush, dampen it with a little water, and simply swirl/brush it around the pot. It's that simple. Being honest, as this is a "hard" product, I wasn't sure how it was going to go and how effective it would be. But a few swirls in the product and it foams up a little and dissolves the makeup from your brush. After this, I simply popped my brush back under the tap and that was it. No mess, no time, and my brushes are clean. This makes me very happy. 

The verdict?
I am so impressed. Honestly. If I didn't explain enough the first time round, I cannot stress just how much of a bore I find brush cleaning. I just cleaned my Real Technics blush brush in approximately 20 seconds, and this thrills me. So if you're equally as lazy as me when it comes to brush cleaning, or you just went a change, go have a look at this. In this set of images, the second image shows the brush before I had cleaned it. The third image was taken after I had cleaned it, and as you can see, it's blush free! Yay. 

Where can I buy it?
This brush cleaner is available on Amazon, Pretty Little Thing & Just My Look
As always, all opinions are my own and I would never take the time to write a post on something I did not enjoy.. I am just genuinely thrilled to share this little gem with you! Now, I'm off to go and give my brushes a long overdue clean.

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