It's Okay To Have A Break

by - April 29, 2017

It was just short of 7 weeks that I went without uploading a YouTube video. It was supposed to be one week. One turned to two, and I think we know how the rest went. It seems sometimes, you need a little longer to give yourself the drive and motivation to want to be able to create again. For some people this might be days, and others, months.

YouTube is not my full time job and I work my uploads around my job in my spare time. I was uploading twice a week, and eventually, I burnt out. It got to the point where I felt like I was uploading videos, for the sake of uploading videos. Not wanting to miss that upload day. Feeling like you have to. It was because of this, I decided to take a week off. After that week was over, honestly, I had zero motivation to even think about creating again. YouTube only works if you're completely committed; theres no point in half heartedly putting a video out and to be honest I think it comes across on screen too.

My motivation came back from something I didn't expect to be the spark... Beauty & The Beast. You're probably thinking, what? Well, I'd had the Beauty & The Beast soundtrack on repeat since it came out. I'm really not joking. It was one evening a few weeks ago, that I decided to pull up an instrumental for the lead song & very roughly sing along. I decided I wanted to do a cover, and was so ready to put everything in to it. Heck, I even vlogged the process - making two videos out of it. Nothing for weeks, and then suddenly I'd filmed two videos in one day.

What I'm saying is, it's okay to have a break. It's okay to take that time off; to allow yourself to find that motivation again. To let your mind breathe. Don't feel bad - sometimes, taking a step back, even a small one, is all you need to push yourself forward again. It doesn't mean you're giving up and it doesn't mean you're failing. If you're feeling the pressure with something, or the strain, take a break. Even for an hour. Take a step back, allow your mind to wander, and then come back.

Sometimes, you need a break, and that's totally fine.

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