A Fresh Start

by - March 12, 2017

It's time to rebrand. A fresh start. 

I've had this blog since 2013, and through to 2014 it ran pretty smoothly. 2015 hit a dry patch, and well, 2016 didn't even make it. So here we are, 2017, starting a fresh. 

If you've been here since the early days, you'll know this blog as Touch of Crimson. It was heavy on the beauty, with a sprinkling of lifestyle. Now I'm ready to flip it around. I'm not going to place myself in to one specific category, but I know I want to be heavier on the lifestyle content. Along with that, we have a name change. Plain and simple, I'm going with my own name. 

So, where have my posts gone? Yes, I made them private. Or since there's no technical option to make posts private, I reverted them all back to drafts, should I say. I'm not deleting them as I documented some stuff that I love looking back on, however, they were full of low resolution images, wrap around text, and just basically, they were very 2013.

We're wiping clean and starting fresh....
So who's ready to put some life back in to this blog?! 

[photo credit: hannah hartbeart]
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  1. So I finally made it to your blog Holly. Looks like I will enjoy it as much as I do your YouTube channel. I have traditionally been a music first fan, but I also love what you have to say, as well as what you sing. You never fail to impress! A great time for me to start here with your fresh start. Count on me dropping by on a regular basis. This looks really great here. Where do you find the time!

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