The Quirky Corners of Wray Castle

by - April 04, 2017

I recently spent two days in the Lake District (one of my all time favourite places) and during those two days, we visited Wray Castle. Whilst I'm doing a full post of the trip, I wanted to keep the shots I got at Wray Castle separate.

Inside, it's a very quirky little place. You go through the main doors, you're greeted by a huge staircase, and beyond there.. it gets interesting. For some reason, Peter & I never do things how they're supposed to be done, and this being said, we ignored the huge staircase, went down a corridor thinking we'd look downstairs first, and ended up finding a small staircase at the back. Before we knew it we were playing ping pong in a colourful room, and then accidentally walked in to a Peter Rabbit "adventure" trail. We weren't really sure what had just happened.... but the ping pong was fun. 

After this, we decided to go back to the main staircase, and just look round the more conventional way. Upstairs is filled with rooms telling the story & history of Beatrix Potter, her family and the castle. Beatrix and her family had spent the summer of 1882 at the castle, when she was 16. A lot of stories were uncovered about her time spent her through an old diary in which she had written entries in every day. Quotes taken from the entries were displayed round the walls of one particular room.

It wasn't long before these quirky little corner came creeping up again, and we found lots of rooms that were most definitely more catered for children, such as reading corners, boats, and even a room full of tents and glow in the dark stars to recreate a camping scene. It was also at this point that the child in me decided that actually, I want to go back to that Peter Rabbit trial, don't want to miss out right? So I dragged Pete round all the Peter Rabbit themed rooms, and I can tell you, as a child, I would've had so much fun walking round there. It also provided me with some great shots, so I'm not complaining there. 

The grounds were pretty, and we were so lucky to have such lovely weather. It wasn't too busy either considering it was a gorgeous day on a Saturday. We plan on coming back in the next couple of months to visit a few more National Trust places. Hopefully the weather will be just as good!

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